Monday, 27 February 2012

Raita (Flavoured savoury yogurt)

Raita and gobi parathas make a nice lunch!
Raita  (Flavoured savoury yogurt)
Luckily this is very easy and simple to prepare, full of calcium, protein and your best probiotic friends!

½ cup plain yogurt (I use homemade. Find the recipe here.)
1 tiny fresh garlic clove, smashed and chopped to a paste
4 stalks fresh cilantro
dusting of nigella seed, or perhaps paprika, or perhaps both
Raita is often used as an accompaniment to cool down an otherwise spicy hot dish.  The properties of the yogurt sooth a seared tongue.  For a big party, I’ll make several raitas to accompany the meal, each with different spices such as cumin, mint leaves, chilli flakes, or black pepper.  One time I made a raita with lots of fresh green chilli and cilantro, and my poor sister who needed a fast mouthful of raita to cool her mouth, grabbed the chilli raita by mistake.  She later claimed that she had to lay in my bathtub, with her mouth under the faucet.  A slight exaggeration, I’m sure. 

At least half an hour before serving, mix the yogurt, garlic paste and chopped cilantro.  Put in a pretty bowl, and sprinkle with nigella seed, and perhaps some paprika.  This makes a lovely accompaniment to any meal, but can also serve as the protein in a light lunch when served with chapattis or my recipe for gobi paratha.