Vegetarian and Sometimes Vegan too! If you can't find what you're looking for, try the Assorted Bits category too.

Joanie's Salad


Cilantro and Strawberry Salad
Foogath, a warm cabbage salad
Joanie's Salad
Pomegranite Garden Salad
Salad with Kale and Mint
Savoy and Tulsi Coleslaw
Shredded Radish Salad
Twisted Coleslaw
Watermelon Cilantro Salad

Main Dishes:

A Slightly Different Guacamole
Accidental Lentil
Almond, Asparagus and Red Cabbage Subji
Almond Masala Stew
Aloo Gobi
Aloo Gobi again
Aloo Gobi
Another Channa Masala Vegan or Not
Another Kale, Coconut and Cabbage Masala 
Tikki Rajma Masala
An Unusual Channa
Barbecued Masala Corn on the Cob
Beetroot Masala
Black Channa Masala
Butternut Masala Soup
Calgary Stampede Falafel Stand
Cashew Masala
Channa Masala with Red Capsicum
Coconut, Kale and Squash Masala
Creamy Masoor Dal
Curried Oxymorons, okay, rutabaga
Curry Leaf Asparagus
Emergency Masala Tomato Sauce
Falafel Stand
High Protein Aloo Gobi
Hot and Spicy Tofu
Kala Channa Masala
Kitchen Sink Channa Masala
Savoy and Tulsi Coleslaw
Lazy Girl Green Beans
Loving Kerela
Masala Dosa, Healthier
Masoor Dal with Mint, Kale and Cilantro
Masoor Dal with Tomatoes and Kale
Mushroom Masala
Muttar Paneer and then some
Nakka Hakka Red Cabbage Stirfry
Oven Roasted Masala Squash
Pan Fried Brussel Sprouts
Paneer Makhani
Pumpkin and Paneer Masala
Purple Green Bean Masala
Roasted Red Pepper and Walnut Dip
Sag Paneer
Sag Paneer using Kale
Sambar, I know, I know, it's not soup
Schwartzies Potatoes that aren't, Canadian Flavours
Serious Soup
Simple Masala Brussel Sprouts
Split Green Lentil and Potato Masala
Snowy Day Subji
Special Channa
Subji Side Dish
Subji Quick!
Thanksgiving Vegan Main Dish
Tempeh Masala
Tikki Ragma Masala

Curried Oxymorons, okay...rutabaga!

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