Thursday, 6 December 2012

My lucky day!

My lucky day!

My friend and neighbor Janice asked me if I’d like to go with her to the Al Madinah fundraiser going on at our community centre across the road, since she’d received a flier in her mailbox, and assumed I’d want to go anywhere that South Asian food is served.  Biryani, butter chicken and a bake sale, how could I not love that? 

Sing: "...the weather outside was dreadful..."
We drove over, which is appalling since it’s across the street, but in our defense, we’d have to walk out our back gates, then down a block to the crosswalk, then up another two blocks to get to the actual doors of the Dalhousie Community Centre, so there you go, and it was cold and icy!  (The centre is offset in huge soccer fields.)

Once inside the Sunrise room, we were welcomed by raffle ticket sellers, and immediately we purchased tickets on the two items on display.  One was a pink box full of pink cosmetic items, which Janice took a shine to.  The other was a basket of Asian ingredients, which I immediately leaned into, drooling.  You can guess who bought tickets for which.

We did buy some other items at the fundraiser, and look forward to buying a few more items from some of the sellers in the future.

Meanwhile, I’ll have to store my basket of goodies.  It came with a few recipes as well, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai, I believe, which I’ll try out and report back on when we return to Canada.  Meanwhile, the next time I post, I should be in India, God willing, as the saying goes.  

Thanks again to the ladies of the Al Madinah association for our lucky door prizes!  Yes, Janice won hers as well!

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  1. The snow looks so pretty. Santa will appreciate it come Christmas sleigh ride.