Sunday, 29 January 2012

Angelic Cream Cheese Spread

Angelic Cream Cheese Spread is fabulous on cardamom bliss muffins or crackers!

Angelic Cream Cheese Spread

For in case you want to add more protein to your cardamom bliss muffin, here’s a recipe for a fabulous and easy cream cheese spread:

1 or 2 green cardamom pods, husked and ground fine in a mortar and pestle
4 dates, pitted and chopped as fine as possible (don’t worry if they keep clumping)
¾ cup spreadable cream cheese
1 teaspoon chocolate shavings 

Use a bowl that gives you plenty of room to mash and stir all of the above ingredients.  I use a fork for the task.  Put into a prettier bowl if you’re fussy, and serve with cardamom bliss muffins or crackers.  So delicious!  These are angelically  good. 

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