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Easy Breakfast Egg Sandwich

Easy Breakfast Egg Sandwich

We used to travel from Nelson to Calgary and back a lot, and often stopped for a fast food breakfast.  I loved those breakfast sandwiches, I’ll confess.  

Since then, my daughter taught me a trick for the homemade version, and I’ve since refined that.  

This one is flavour packed and a gazillion times more nutritious than the franchised versions.
This takes about five minutes to prepare, though my recipe makes only one at a time. Perfect if you're making a quick breakfast or snack for your lonesome, or your loved one.

These add a lot of flavour!

½ teaspoon julienned sun dried tomatoes in oil or ¼ teaspoon olive oil
1 to 2 tablespoons finely diced red onion
1 egg
1 heaped tablespoon (approximately) cubed feta cheese or diced cheddar
¼ teaspoon ground turmeric
Enough arugula or lettuce to cover a slice of bread
2 slices of bread

First, rub the oily tomatoes around the inner surface of a cereal bowl.  Sun roasted tomatoes add extra zing and texture, but if you’re not using tomatoes, just use the oil.  Either way, the oil needs to be applied evenly so the egg will come out fairly easily. 

I used a baby onion and greens from my garden.
Add the egg, onion, cheese, turmeric and pepper.  No need for salt, as the cheese is salty enough. But if you love salt, add a little.  Use a fork to break the yolk and combine the ingredients.

Place a cover over it, maybe a piece of paper towel if that’s all you have, and microwave for 75 seconds.  Every machine has its own personality, so maybe more or less time by a few seconds will be needed.  Start with less time if you think your machine is powerful.

While the egg mixture is cooking, put your bread into the toaster.  Your egg will be done before the toast.  Run a knife or clean fork around the egg to lift it out of the bowl. 

Arugula was from my garden too. It's tastier than lettuce!

Line one piece of toast with arugula or lettuce, and place the egg on top. Add the next slice of toast, slice in half, and voila!  You’ll have a tasty breakfast sandwich, better than what you pick up ‘on the road’.

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