Sunday, 15 May 2016

Amazing Coconut, Rose and Vanilla Popsicles

Amazing Coconut, Rose and Vanilla Popsicles

Who doesn’t love a popsicle on a sunny, hot afternoon?  But why have one of those artificial chemical concoctions when you can have one that is intensely delicious, and good for you?

These take less than five minutes to prepare, and freeze in about three hours. 

Beautiful granddaughter, all of eleven, invented this recipe while I was puttering around the kitchen, focussed on making dinner.  It wasn't till we tasted these the next afternoon that I realized how silly delicious these are!  Sometimes homemade popsicles can taste a little bland, but these grab hold and shake you!

1 can unsweetened coconut water
1 capful real vanilla
1 capful rose water
Pieces of mango, fresh or frozen, enough for one per popsicle

Popsicle makers vary in size, so you need to fill a measuring cup with water to two cups.  Pour the water into your popsicle maker to see exactly how much liquid yours requires.  Ours are approximately 2 cups.  Dump out the water and add vanilla and rosewater to your measuring cup. 

Fill the measuring cup with coconut water, almost to the same amount your popsicle maker holds.  Stir.  Remember that the mango piece will displace the coconut water to an extent.

Push a piece of mango into each popsicle hole.  

Pour the coconut water mix into the popsicle maker and then place the sticks into position.  

Freeze till solid, at least two maybe three hours.

Run the outside of the popsicle maker under hot water to loosen however many popsicles you want.

Coconut water naturally contains some sodium, so these popsicles have a lot of punch.  The flavour of the rose water will capture you, then the substantial hint of sodium, then the coconut.  By the time your mouth arrives at the mango, it will have thawed into a juicy chunk, so that treat is awaiting you as well.

Those artificially coloured and flavoured bits of chemicals can stay in the middle aisles in their queer liquid packs, while you  drool over these delicious and healthy versions.  Enjoy!

A child can make these!


  1. These look amazing! Never thought about using coconut water for popsicles. Great idea.

  2. It was my granddaughter's idea. Brilliant one on her part! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. My boys will LOVE fishing for fruit in the middle!!!