Sunday, 2 August 2015

Mango and Ginger Kombucha Slushy

Mango and Ginger Kombucha Slushy

I’ve caught the kombucha bug!  (Ha ha, inside joke to those of us fermenting kombucha.) Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage, something like soda, but with major health benefits and a worthy flavour.  You can make your own, as I’ve been doing, or buy it ready made, just be sure to buy the ‘raw’ version. 

Combined with frozen mango it makes about the best slushy you’ll ever taste, not to mention the healthiest!  This easy recipe is made in about three minutes, but it serves only one.  Do your math to make more.

1 cup frozen mango chunks
240 ml ginger kombucha
Sparkling mineral water to taste (optional)
A few drops rosewater (also optional)  

Fling the ingredients into a blender, and buzz to slushy consistency.  Taste.  When I use my homemade kombucha I find the taste a little too strong, so I add sparkling mineral water at this point.  I often add a few drops of rosewater as well, but this ready made kombucha isn’t overly strong, and the ginger is so lovely no additional flavours are needed.

Serve immediately on a hot day!  Refreshing and hydrating, this chilly delight will hit the spot.  Research also tells us that kombucha improves our mood, so drink it at least once a day!

This will cool you down and improve your mood, without drugs!  Amazing stuff, kombucha!

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