Friday, 24 January 2014

Is your marmalade bland and boring?

Lemon and Rosepetal Marmalade with good bread and butter

The best jar of commercial marmalade doesn't pack the punch of what you can make at home, with fresh ingredients.  At this time of year, so dark and snowy, spreading a bit of real marmalade on your toast is like infusing sunshine into your spirit.

I've just made another batch of Lemon and Rosepetal Marmalade, and within the next few days I'll be producing another batch of Seville Orange Marmalade, Orange Blossom Blessed. 

Lemon and Rosepetal Marmalade on its final boil
Seeds are kept in a tea ball, so they can add pectin naturally.

The grocery stores are beginning to stock nice organic lemons, and Seville oranges are arriving now.  You wouldn't want to eat a Seville orange, but oh, they do make a powerful and fragrant marmalade.

Jars of homemade marmalade make a fabulous gift too!
Make sure you don't give them all away!  

Making marmalade requires patience,  There's a lot of scrubbing to do, then fine slicing, then seed plucking and finally boiling for at least a couple of hours in total, but oh what gloriousness you finally spread on a very good breakfast roll.  

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