Saturday, 19 October 2013

Thanksgiving Compound Butter

Our Canadian Thanksgiving has come and gone, and I’ve never been so busy.  While I didn’t create much that was new to this blog, I did come up with a gorgeous compound butter that I will definitely use again, probably at Christmas too.

A compound butter takes all of about five minutes to make, and oh, it’s a luscious accompaniment to a very good dinner roll.

I required just a little pot of the butter, as we had several conservative types at the table who would eat only “normal” butter.  I’m giving the amounts I used, but you can multiply if you have more adventurous guests.

Naturally if you make this butter, you'll be making cranberry sauce too.
2 fresh cranberries (I know, I know, how pathetic!)
¼ teaspoon fresh lemon zest
1 small fresh garlic clove
1/3 cup butter  

Using fresh ingredients is critical to getting good taste.  Don’t even think of using that powdered lemon zest available in bottles, and when it comes to jarred garlic, don’t get me started on that rancid stuff.  In fact, if you can get fresh organic lemons and garlic, you’re better off still.  Use the best butter you can find, as well.

Toss all ingredients in the blender.  I fiddled with various settings, but my machine worked best on “stir” in this case.  The butter whipped up in a couple of minutes, and it transferred nicely into a pretty little pot.

We were lucky enough to have some Cobs whole grained rolls with dinner, and oh how delicious the butter was on them!  I never eat bread with dinner, but this was an exception.
Jaggery Sweetened Cranberry Sauce

Do check out my older Thanksgiving recipes titled Jaggery Sweetened Cranberry Sauce, Pan Fried Brussel Sprouts, ThanksgivingTurkey—The Stuffing, and if you’re practicing your vegetarian virtues better than I’ve been lately, Thanksgiving No Turkey Non-Stuffing Main Dish.  

American Thanksgiving is to be celebrated soon, and Lord knows the Americans deserve a wonderful meal after what they’ve been through, even if it may be a temporary respite.  And who’s  to say these recipes can’t be made at other major holidays, especially Christmas?  Happy Holidays everyone!

The Vegetarian Non-Stuffing Main dish is quite wonderful, by the way!

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