Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Raita with Greek Yogurt

Everyone’s aflame over Greek yogurt these days, although it’s just yogurt that’s been drained of excess water.  The result is a heavier, more nutrient rich yogurt.  You can take any yogurt, hang it in cheesecloth from your kitchen tap, and several hours later, you have it.  Problem: getting all that yogurt off the cheesecloth…

It’s easier to buy the stuff.  Different brands have different tastes.  Some are odd and chalky, others creamy and delicious.  So if you try one, and don’t love it, try another brand.  It is worth your time to find one you really like.

While many like their yogurt sweet, I prefer it savoury, served as a side or even a main dish for a light meal.  This one takes just a few minutes to prepare, although there is a bit of waiting time.

1 teaspoon ghee (clarified butter you can buy in a jar)
½ teaspoon cumin seed
½ teaspoon mustard seed
6 curry leaves (optional)
¼ red onion, finely diced
2 cups Greek yogurt

Heat the ghee in a frying pan, and toss in the cumin seed.  It should sizzle; when it does, toss in the mustard.  These two items take only a few seconds to sizzle, so watch carefully.  As soon as the mustard is sizzling and turning white, smelling much like popcorn, add the curry leaves, then the onion.  Turn the heat down to medium, and cook the onion till it’s golden, stirring occasionally.  Take off the heat, and set aside to cool a bit. 

Stir the buttery onion mixture into the yogurt.  Let sit at least ten minutes, and stir again.  I served this with chappatties and a ridiculously good roasted red pepper dip that I promise to post about very soon.  Stay tuned!  

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