Sunday, 18 August 2013

It's Peach Season!

Freezing peaches is easy and practical!
Family's coming over for a spontaneous barbecue tonight, so I madly raced to find the last few bags of my frozen peaches.  They have to get used up before I begin on the next batch, as ripe peaches are available in huge amounts right now.

In honour of using up any frozen peaches still around, or using smaller quantities of fresh, I'm direction attention to several gorgeous peach recipes.

Think first of preserving this year's batch.  Freezing is less labour intensive than canning, and the results are delicious.  These frozen preserves put canned peaches to shame.

Another fabulous way to serve peaches is in this astonishingly easy and impossible peach custard pie.
No crust is required since this recipe makes it own.  The whole thing whips up easily in a blender.  Very impressive when company is coming.

This recipe for a cardamom bliss peach crumble has lots of oatmeal for taste and fibre, and is most comforting on a coolish day.

Another way to use peaches is with breakfast cereal, as in this vegan gingered peach oatmeal.

I couldn't resist serving this gorgeous kulfi, a traditional Indian pistachio icecream, with some gorgeous peaches.

And for tonight, I'll be making peach short cake.  It's easy enough to thaw peaches.  Drain liquid and pour liquid into a pot.  On medium high, reduce until syrupy.  Add a little extra jaggery or brown sugar. Pour over peaches.  Pour peaches over those mini angel food cakes, and serve with vanilla ice-cream or frozen yogurt.  So yummy!

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  1. They all look so good Mary! Nothing quite like a juicy to sink ones teeth into!!