Saturday, 29 June 2013

Iced Coffee

Bottled iced coffee is available in the supermarkets these days.  I haven’t priced them out.  Every fast food joint and coffee shop is selling this stuff too, and charging high prices for the frothy chilly drink.  Why spend so much money when you can make this at home in three minutes?

This is easier than saying easy peasy. 

Per Serving
2 tablespoons instant coffee
1 tablespoon sweetener, sugar, honey or jaggery
½ cup whole milk
11/2 cups whole milk
½ cup icecubes

Buzz coffee and sweetner till this dark.
Add instant coffee, sweetener and a half cup of milk to the blender.  (I used whole milk because it gives a richer flavour.)  Blend for two minutes.

Add the rest of the milk and icecubes.

Blend for 20 seconds. Taste. Adjust sweetness if desired.
Blend for another 10 seconds.  Pour and enjoy.  

When I was in my twenties, iced coffee was considered strictly an American thing.  I’ve always had an affinity to American things, so I used to keep a bit of plain black coffee, and then later in the day I’d pour it over ice and add the milk and sugar then.  That works fine too, but it requires some planning ahead.  This recipe involves no organization or scheduling whatsoever.  Perfect for a hot day, when you need a caffeinated pick-me-up. 

Tune in tomorrow for my Canada Day Pavlova!  (For my American friends, I will give a tip on how to Americanize it for the 4th of July!) 
The final buzz just takes a few seconds!


  1. thats an easy peasy minute refreshing ur recipe...tis is awesome.