Sunday, 3 March 2013

Meyer Lemon Pickles

Meyer Lemon Pickles
Today we have another bleary, pearl grey late winter day, snow falling steadily.  What better to counteract the chill than bright sunny lemons? 

Pickled lemons add a summery and fresh taste to whatever you’re serving, and they’re easy to make. 
If I had access to freshly grown lemons, I think I’d go into production!
I’ve added these to hummus (before the blending stage) and I’ve garnished many a dal with these.  They are quite salty, so if you’re planning on using them, go light on the salt in the dishes they will accompany.
This recipe originally came from the winter edition of City Palate, a wonderful foodie newspaper that arrives at my door every once in a while.  If you live in or near Calgary, and can subscribe, do!

2 bags of Meyer lemons (available in mesh bags at a certain Canadian big box)
(approximately 16 lemons)
It's pretty cold and bleak beyond my window!
¼ cup Kosher salt
3 sticks cinnamon
30 black peppercorns
1 ½ teaspoons dried chillies

3 green cardamom pods

Wash and dry all the lemons.  Add the salt to a clean and sterilized 1 litre Mason jar.  Slice then quarter many of the lemons, removing the seeds.  
If you prefer a smaller pickle, eighth them, if there’s such a word.    As they are seeded and chopped, put into a 1 litre Mason glass jar till they fill it almost to the top.  

I should have used Kosher salt and eighthed the lemons!
Juice the rest of the lemons and pour in, so all lemon pieces are immersed in lemon juice. Add the spices.  The mix should reach the very top of the jar, add more juice if it doesn’t.  Close the jar, shake, and refrigerate.  Keep them there for three weeks, shaking every few days.  
These Meyer lemon pickles might not quite compare to Goan lime pickles, which I intend to post about one of these days, but in the meantime, they are pretty good!  Mary Braganza would certainly prefer the Goan pickle, but Lila Quartermaine would give them the A-ok. (How dare I allude to Salman Rushdie and General Hospital in one breath?)  Perhaps I’ve eaten too many pickles…

 The City Palate also recommends that you keep the juiced lemons to turn into a lemon confit.  Dice the juiced lemons into small pieces, put them in a pot, and cover with a good olive oil.  Cook slowly on low heat for an hour.  Pour into a smaller mason jar and use on everything from salad to pasta.  Extraordinary!


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  2. mouth watering pickle. i have tried it and it came good. thanks a lot. for more recipes check

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  4. Thanks Sanjana, will have to check out your recipes too! Thanks for visiting my blog.