Thursday, 11 October 2012

Soan Papdi Wishful Thinking

Soan Papdi Wishful Thinking
I’ve been back from the trip to Idaho for a couple of weeks, and feeling a little foolish that I didn’t take many more pictures.
Jeanne is an extraordinary foodie, and no sooner than we entered her home, she presented us with two batches of our jaggery nutella brownies, so I could compare our original recipe to her recently tweaked recipe. 
Suddenly I had a brownie in each fist, gobbling them bite by bite.  I did have to compare, now didn’t I?
I was much too busy stuffing my face to get a picture of either brownie, of course.  (And my recently converted vegan self slunk off the wagon and went up and hid in an attic corner…)
Not only has Jeanne been tweaking the brownie recipe, before we came to visit, she attempted to create soan papdi, twice, for heaven’s sakes!

Unfortunately, she discovered that it takes four people to make it, and since there’s only one of her, she’s now wandering the wilds of Idaho, calling out for three others to help her in her endeavor.  Not only did she discover that she lacks the strength, speed and agility to do the kneading of eight hands, she also discovered the climate in Idaho doesn’t entice the sugars to crystallize properly.  We were thinking of trying it on a very hot summer day, with a humidifier churning gallons of moisture into the air, getting our husbands to help.  Wouldn’t they just love that?
So we ate the store bought soan papdi that I had purchased in Calgary, as it’s absolutely unavailable in Idaho, and we stared longingly at this video, muttering about how personally, we would never include raisins!  

Anyway, enjoy and if you can find some Soan Papdi at your local Indian grocery store, or a certain large Canadian supermarket, or even online, buy some fast.  Its luscious cardamom scent and melt in the mouth goodness will enchant you.  
Meanwhile, check out the updated version of Jeanne's nutella jaggery brownies!  I should have it up very soon.


  1. Call me crazy if you like, but I found a very helpful-looking video on making son papdi at home, so I'm going to try it again. I have nothing to lose but some sugar, flour, and time. Oh, and fingers that aren't burnt yet, but probably will be!


  2. Oh my. Please take pictures and let me know how it goes!

  3. Goodness, that would be some adventure. If you can arrange 3 others, count me in!