Saturday, 15 September 2012

Ice-cream this isn’t! Frozen Vegan Coconut Milk dessert

Ice-cream this isn’t!  Frozen Vegan Coconut Milk Dessert

I still have a few more weeks of borrowed time as far as Jeanne’s ice-cream maker is concerned, and Shirley and Glenn are on their way!

Coming all the way from Nelson, BC, they will be joining us tonight at a Deva Premal concert, probably with half of Nelson also sitting in the audience.

 For such an event, only the best will do.  For dessert, we’ll be having some mango rose frozen yogurt, as well as this vegan coconut milk and blackberry treat.

Since I’m on this new vegan kick, for dinner there will be vegan alloo gobi, but I’ll be temporarily falling off the wagon to make fancy chappatties (read lots of ghee) and worse than that, coconut prawn masala. 

But getting back to the dessert, just because it’s vegan, that doesn’t mean you should eat a lot of it.  Low in sugar it really isn’t, but oh, so delicious.  Just have a little.
2 cans coconut milk
1 ½ cups jaggery powder
1 teaspoon high quality vanilla
1 ½ teaspoons rose water

Husband Person rolled his eyes at my hammer...

½ cup blackberry jam (homemade, in my lucky, lucky case)

This recipe is quick easy!  Whisk together the coconut milk, jaggery, vanilla and rosewater.  Pour into the ice-cream maker, following the manufacturer’s directions.  If you're using a machine similar to this one, you'll also need ice-cream making salt and tons of ice.  You'll need to break that ice up with a hammer!
Jeanne’s machine takes about 20 to 25 minutes to create the ice-cream, As it’s nearly frozen, the machine slows down and the mix looks very slushy and thick.  At this point, feed the jam into the open funnel of the mixer, but let mix for only a few turns of the paddle, because you want the jam to swirl through to make a ripple.  You could combine like mad but I don’t think it would be as pretty.  Besides, this way, you get concentrated bits of this jam.  

Now don’t come knocking on my door for the jam recipe.  Back when I had a few ladies from the Calgary Hort Society for a garden party, Sheila brought this jam with a long story of how her sister made it for a friend.  The sister picked the berries and made the jam where she lives, somewhere in British Columbia, but the friend is here in Calgary, and she hasn’t actually picked up the case of jam from Sheila, so Sheila’s been nicking jars of it, right and left.  I was one lucky recipient here!  If you aren’t so lucky to have a jar of fabulous stolen home-made blackberry jam, find the best you can.
If you do try this recipe, let me know what you used for your blackberry jam, and perhaps if it's purchasable, I can mention it here.



  1. Thanks for checking it out, Divya. Your lemonade looks spectacular, by the way!