Friday, 22 June 2012

Dairy-free lassi

Dairy-free lassi

So many people are avoiding dairy these days, going strictly vegan instead, and I got to thinking about living without lassis.  Impossible… How could I possibly give up the next best drink to a milkshake, especially when it’s so healthy?

The pro-biotic lassi is so good for the digestion, and the mangos are so good for everything— skin clarity and colour— Not to mention the creamy and luscious taste— No, it’s impossible to live without a lassi!

So, I’ve been dreaming up a way to culture almond milk, which may or may not work, I’ll experiment with that later, and report on it here.  Meanwhile today in the health food section of the supermarket I found a cultured coconut milk, similar to yogurt. 

So I bought enough of that to make a lassi for myself, and to use as a base for my future experiment.  This is how I made the lassi:

1 ½ cups frozen mango pieces
1 cup cultured coconut milk
1 cup unsweetened almond milk and a bit
½ teaspoon rosewater
1 tablespoon unrefined cane sugar

I tossed all ingredients in the blender and liquefied.  I added a bit more almond milk to move the mixture when it was too thick.  You may not need to.  Pour into a pretty glass and enjoy.  

Tomorrow I will try to create some yogurtified almond milks.  I’ll make small batches, using the cultured coconut milk as one starter, and real plain yogurt as another.  Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! I am one of those who is trying to go dairy free, but my one cheat is 0% Greek yogurt. Unfortunately, I also can't have coconut milk, but this a great substitution for those who can! I would love to hear how your experiment with the almond milk goes!

  2. Sounds yummy! Mary you are oh, so creative! Love it.

  3. nice idea of using coconut milk, like it