Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Sunshine Award

The Sunshine Award!

I was having one of those days—milk boiling over on the stove, rain splattering down with thunder shaking the house, electricity flickering, computer freezing, rain turning to slush then snow… 
And what arrived in my inbox?  A “Sunshine Award”!  What a fabulous surprise and honour that is!  And who gave me such an award?  The lovely Divya, at You Too Can Cook Indian Food . 
Considering the number of people in India, then the number of people blogging about food in India, then the number of people outside of India blogging about Indian recipes, I am astonished she has found me at all! 

Thank you to Divya, and please check out her fabulous recipes.  I’ve found many that I must indulge in.  Take her potato chips or her fish fry for examples.  Her pictures have me drooling too!  Hers is a blog well worth checking out.  While you’re at it, trace back through the other recipients of this award to find some other very cool blogs.  They’re not all about cooking, by the way!

Now it’s my turn to follow the criteria in accepting this award:

·         I’ve already thanked my award giver, but I’m happy to do so again.  Thank you so much, Divya!

·         I’m to describe myself:  Clearly, my passion is spicy, red-hot food, but it’s also about my family, my garden, my papillons, books, my other blog about books, preserving the environment by beginning with the body (avoiding factory made foods as much as possible), reduce, reuse, and recycle, refusing to buy or bring anything into the home if it’s not beautiful or practical…

·         I’m to spread the joy by nominating other bloggers who impress me.  

·         And finally, I’m to notify the people I’ve selected.

Here are the very worthy blogs I think you should look at:

Shalini, in north east India, has a delightfully funny blog about baking.  Her sweet recipes prod me to eat way more sugar than I’m allowed.  She makes beautiful icing flowers, and her chocolate cakes are just so enticing.  It’s not all about sugar, though.  She has gazillions of other delicious recipes too, informative and hilarious.  Check out her blog at

Manisha is in a mysterious spot, either India or Colorado, I can’t tell.  (Who can?  They are so similar.)  Regardless, her blog is very entertaining and she’s not afraid to give everyone a piece of her mind.  You will never make the blunders of referring to chai tea, naan bread, or East Indians after reading her very funny posts.  Her recipes, which are not all Indian, are irresistible too.  Take a look at
Reena, in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada has another wonderful Indian recipe blog.  She is a friend of a friend, which is how I learned about her and the beautiful blog she’s created.  Also an artist, she has created a blog of stunning visual beauty.  She has great music you can play while reading and following her recipes too.  Her recipes look delicious, and her blog somehow looks like my livingroom, which is very odd, I think.  No wonder I think it’s beautiful.  See

Edith, in my city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, has a great blog about quilting.  I’m not a quilter myself, but I love fractal art, which is what quilts are all about, much of the time, but not always.  Her patterns are beautiful, and if you are into this artform, you must check her blog out at

Pat, also in Calgary, has a blog about books that heal the psyche and the soul.  Unlike my other blog on a similar topic, she writes about non-fiction, such as the Kryon series, Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, the Hicks, and the like.  She’s worked in a Calgary landmark book store that specializes in spirituality and self help for years, and was a social worker in younger days.  She doesn’t blog often, but she blogs well.  Her book selections can change your life.  Find her at
Thanks again for choosing my blog, Devya, and making my day so much sunnier!


  1. At first glance I thought that the author of this blog must be an Indian, but to my surprise it was YOU, a non-Indian lovely lady!!! Am really happy to find your blog... Wonderful post, you do deserve this award Mary!! Congrats once again.. All the best!! Keep Rocking and Shining..

  2. hey thanks mary,I was also going thru a similar day like yours,what with 2 cranky boys aroud to drive me nuts...your award sure spread lots of sunshine...
    THANK YOU once again and I'll spread the sunshine and the magic!

  3. Hi Mary! You know how to spread the love via sunshine! Thank you so much for thinking of me and saying such nice things about me. My head just became bigger. Now how am I going to get into my clothes?! Btw, I am in Colorado but my heart is also in India. I love them both! Many hugs to you!

    1. Alberta is considered Canada's version of Colorado, and Calgary is considered our Denver. See how much we have in common? My heart is also in India, btw!

  4. Hey Mary, thanks for thinking of check out this post....

    1. Thanks for your kind words. The blue plates were my mother's, and the white and gold were my grandmother's. She painted the gold on them herself. They are close to a hundered years old!

  5. Thanks Mary, You made my day! I've accepted and posted and checked out all of your nomination links.

  6. Edith, you're more than welcome! You deserve it, and thanks for passing the award along.