Friday, 16 March 2012

a glorious grilled cheese sandwich

A glorious grilled cheese sandwich
Even in roadside cafés I will order a grilled cheese sandwich, where they are usually made on inferior bread, with tons of butter, or more likely the cheapest of marjereeen, as we like to call it, and the ubiquitous cheese known as ‘processed American’.  Even those grilled cheese sandwiches are better than no grilled cheese sandwich, especially on a bleak and chilly day. 
My take is healthier, and made with better quality ingredients.  But it’s almost as quick:
Slivers of a fresh chilli  (If it’s very mild, like a Jalapeno, you may want to include some chilli flakes, but if it’s as hot as a habanero, you’ll only need a quarter of the chilli, and exclude the seeds.  Use your judgement here!)
very thin slices of red onion
very thin slices of excellent quality cheddar cheese, I use a white two year aged cheddar
best whole grained bread you can find
While your non-stick skillet is heating up to medium high, prepare your ingredients.  Place a layer of cheese on a slice of bread, then layer on the onion and chillies.  If your veg layer is somewhat thick, intersperse it with a few pieces of cheese.  Finish with another layer of cheese, then put on your next slice of bread.  The cheese needs to be sliced almost paper thin, as you need lots of it to ‘glue’ the sandwich together.  Put it on the heated skillet, turn down the heat to medium low, and cover the pan.  After about three minutes, check to see if the bread has toasted.  If it has, flip and cover again.  The goal is to melt the cheese, but only warm and slightly soften the chillies and onion.
Oh, this is a gloriously good breakfast, especially with a good strong coffee.  It also makes a great light supper, especially when paired with a mango lassie. I’ll often serve this to my granddaughter before her dance class, although with only a hint of the chillies.

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