Thursday, 22 March 2012


I try not to use too much sugar, and when I include it in baking, for example, I usually use raw cane sugar crystals that I buy in Indian grocery stores.  However, sometimes it’s nice to have a little sugar in the chai, or the lassi, or sprinkled on sugar cookies, if it comes to that.  Sometimes it’s nice to rim a cocktail glass with fancy sugar, especially if the guests are sweet.
I’ve been making vanilla sugar for years, but in the last couple of years I’ve increased my repertoire to these ideas.  It’s ridiculously easy, by the way!  Put your elements into the sugar, close the canister, and wait several days, or until the fragrance wafts up at you.
Vanilla sugar:  Stick a couple of vanilla pods into a closed canister of sugar
Rose sugar:  Layer dried rose petals with sugar in a closed canister
Anise sugar:  Layer anise seeds with sugar in a closed canister
Lavender:  Layer lavender flowers and leaves with sugar in a closed canister
Cinnamon:  Stick a couple of sticks into a closed canister of sugar

As far as I can tell, you can try this with any dry essence that has a sweetness to it.  (I’d be reluctant to try this with anything moist!)
Do you have an idea for sugaring up the sugar, or using a fancy sugar?  Please share it if you do!
(This brand is available in local Indian groceries.) 

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